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A girl's boyfriend or father just lavishes love, attention and gifts on her. Jewelry, dresses, fur coats, vacations, and it all seems to come from um, wait, hold on a second. He claims to have a job that puts him in a tax bracket way too low to afford all this.

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If she brings up her suspicions to her father or boyfriend, of course he's going to deny this.

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He'll even twist her words to make her look wrong for even bringing that up.

<em>Dating</em> A Japanese Woman What’s It
Dating A Japanese Woman What’s It

A Spoiled Brat may nore it completely, a Dragon Lady may join up, while a Spoiled Sweet girl may end up just getting on with her life and making it clear she doesn't want in on the family business — though it's never that easy.American Yakuza 1993 - IMDb

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